Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let's Go Blogging!

I’ve been lurking on a number of blogs in recent months — primarily related to Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion matters. I’ve refrained from entering the fray of comments (and that’s probably just as well! — mostly because other people have made comments that are wiser than I would have made). But there comes a time when the temptation to join in becomes too great! So here I go. This blog (“The Liturgical Curmudgeon”) will be a miscellaneous assortment of comments, ruminations, reviews, moaning and whining, links to other people’s blogs and articles, etc. I have also set up a separate blog (“Have Stole, Will Travel”) on which I have posted a number of recent sermons. (Some people over the years have asked me for copies of sermons, which I find both flattering and frightening!) See the link on the right.

Comments are most welcome, with the caveat that I intend to moderate them. I have no objection to comments that disagree with me, even vigorously (who knows? You may be right!), but I reserve the right to refuse to post comments that are openly and notoriously offensive or idiotic. One would hate to think that Episcopalians/Anglicans, or any Christians, would post such comments, but, as we all know, alas…

Thank you for your charity and forbearance as I enter the Anglican Blogosphere!

Bill Moorhead

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Ron Osborne said...

Bill, an excellent start. Your book reviews are especially good. Hope you keep at it! Don't see any curmudgenlyness yet!


Ron Osborne