Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Muthah+ said...

Bill, the likes of Mimms can't destroy anything unless we allow him to. Yes, the Church is going to look different, but it will be better for it.

Hope you are not having to swim these days. Keeping you folks in IA in prayer.

WSJM said...

Thanks for your note, muthah+. Of course you're right, and Mimms and the GAFCON gang can't do anything we don't allow them to do. (I've just begun to read "The Way, The Truth and the Life"; comments in due course!)

No, we're high and dry, but a considerable number of people aren't. Some homes in Iowa City and Coralville were pretty well wiped out, though more of the damage was on the campus and in some commercial districts (though not downtown). Cedar Rapids and some other cities were hit very hard, both in the downtown and in residential areas. Thanks very much for your prayers. ERD is helping. (FEMA, so far, not so much.)